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Swing Talent started as Swing Staffing, an agency concentrating on finding the best in-house talent for high-growth, early stage businesses becoming the go-to partner for our venture capital partners for our effectiveness and innovativeness in solving their portfolio company's talent needs. As our Talent recruitment product thrived, we realized quickly that our clients, in addition to permanent talent, also required on-demand technical teams to meet critical time sensitive product development needs.

Leveraging our global network of highly specialized development talent, Swing put together an award winning team of designers and developers to provide these much-needed services to our clients. Voila! Swing Development and thus Swing Talent was born.

From understanding our clients from a business development, marketing and growth perspective combined by undertaking a key role in their technical product development, Swing evolved into a true Talent Consultancy. We align the product and its evolution with the teams that are driving it as quickly as possible to the market.

Today, Swing Talent provides two services; Talent Recruitment and IT Development, which stand-alone brilliantly but when combined together, provide a beautiful and symbiotic outcome that our clients have grown to love.

Staffing Services

Providing exceptional talent to early-stage and high-growth companies focusing on technology, marketing, sales and business analytics.

  • Retained Search
    Retained Search

    Swing uses a combination of cutting edge technology and deep relationships to identify and engage the right talent for your company. Our Retained Search approach fosters exclusivity and focus that you need when seeking the Industry's best and brightest.

  • Priority staffing search
    Priority staffing search

    Swing's Priority Search involves a retained volume partnership where clients prepay for a number of positions. These searches take priority over contingent searches and are our most popular long-term arrangements.

  • Contingency search
    Contingency search

    Our contingent searches are based upon successful placement of the candidate. Clients don't pay until the candidate is selected and on board. This method is particularly useful when clients are looking for individual contributors and lower level staff positions. In addition, we find that some clients prefer this model until a higher-level volume is required.

  • In-house talent acquisition
    In-house talent acquisition

    Sometimes our clients grow so quickly that they need Swing to manage the hiring and intake process for a large number of employees. We can provide top professionals from our team to be on-site for our clients.

  • Contract talent
    Contract talent

    When our clients need short-term talent to meet immediate needs, they call upon Swing to place the best person on a contract basis to fulfill these needs. Of course, there are situations where our clients decide the fit is too good and bring on our contractors full time, at which time Swing receives a placement fee.

Dev Services

Providing highly specialized development teams utilizing the best talent across the globe to fulfill the critical needs of high-growth clients.

  • Mobile & Web Apps
    Mobile & Web Apps

    We create mobile and web apps for both startups and the Fortune 500s. Our projects have been #1 ranked apps in more than 99 countries with a user base in excess of 50,000,000. Swing specializes in bringing top-tier quality and performance to your applications.

  • Backend Infrastructure
    Backend Infrastructure

    Whether you need optimization, a small server backend for your company or a huge scalable system for hundreds of millions of users, Swing's experienced engineers can build a custom solution to your exact specifications.

  • Consulting

    Swing's teams of industry experts solve tough problems for our clients through our global resources and strategic alliances. We understand the specific needs of our clients and have the experience and expertise to solve your toughest challenges. Whether it is augmenting your Engineering team to rapidly scale or building a team for a new product, Swing will deliver.

  • Design Services
    Design Services

    Design and UI are key to the user experience. Swing's award-winning designers will work closely with your team to create a unique creative and user experience to solve any design issues your project may have.

  • Technologies

    iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Unity, COCOS2D, OpenGL, UI/UX, Python, JavaScript, ECMAScript, D3.js, Titanium, AngjularJS, HTML5, CSS3, Responsive Design, Ruby, AWS Deployment, Scalability, Optimization, Azure Deployment, Scala, JVM, NoSQL (Redis, CouchDB, Cassandra), PostgreSQL.

Our Team

The Swing team is made up of passionate professionals who bring combined experience representing over 100 years of talent acquisition and development. At Swing, we know talent and we are here to bring it to your team just the way you need it.

  • Jennifer Loftus
    Jennifer Loftus

    Partner, Head of Biz Dev

  • Mandy Edmund
    Mandy Edmund

    Partner, Head of Operations

  • Jo Overline
    Jo Overline

    Managing Partner

  • Matt Edmund
    Matt Edmund

    Partner, Head of Strategy, Intl Ops

  • Marcus Edwardes
    Marcus Edwardes


  • Annie Wenzel
    Annie Wenzel

    Principal Recruiter

  • John K. Thompson
    John K. Thompson

    Principal Recruiter

  • Kress Drake
    Kress Drake


  • Philip Kiracofe
    Philip Kiracofe

    Head of Intl Ops, South Africa

  • Daniel Moody
    Daniel Moody

    Lead Research Analyst

  • Tomek Kopczuk
    Tomek Kopczuk

    Head of Engineering

  • Marcin Mincer
    Marcin Mincer

    Managing Director - Europe

  • Carmen Coleman
    Carmen Coleman


  • Katy Engle
    Katy Engle


  • Nicolett Smith
    Nicolett Smith


  • Jessica Kaplin
    Jessica Kaplin



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